From Chaos to Clarity:

Personal Assistant Concierge & Project Management (Move Coordination)
& Professional Organizer

Over the last 30 years I have contributed to and worked with well over 5,000 families.  I help you get unstuck, see a bigger picture and build momentum towards accomplishing your goals. You will experience practical and personalized service based on my extensive background with clients and my ability to provide excellence through personalized service, including full service with a white glove touch. I am thorough and work to support you in getting your needs met at a pace that serves you. I do not assume things and take the time to inquire, do research and ask questions. We work with templates and procedures honed during my work with many clients. I bring best practices and insights to share which allow us to get more done with less expense.

My speciality is with clients who are overworked, exhausted, have abandoned projects due to lack of focus or momentum, or projects that are long overdue, and need help to handle. You may also be recovering from an unexpected change or transition that has created confusion and overwhelm. My clients say things like “I’ve been meaning to get to that, If I only had more help, Once I have a plan I know it will get easier.”


Sampling of services:

#1 Personal Assistant Concierge

Personal Assisting

  • Research (projects, health, travel, hobbies, etc)
  • Family Support (Mother’s helper, errands, activities)
  • Personal Concierge
  • Family, Children, Seniors and Personal Lifestyle Development Manuals
  • Errands (returning of packages, pick up, pet care, gift giving)
  • Auto maintenance
  • Grocery Shopping & Food preparation
  • Personal Shopper
  • Personal errands, organizing, and project coordinator
  • Driver (children, yourself, and seniors)

Administrative Tasks

  • Research projects
  • Identify, vet and train vendors, service providers, etc
  • Office Administration
  • Bookkeeping (financial coaching, budgeting, tax preparation, bill paying financial planning coordination)


#2 Project Management & Move Coordination

Project Management

  • Health Advocate and Spiritual Director
  • Coordinating Events (children’s parties, dinner events, reunions, big scale events)
  • Travel and Vacation Coordinator & planner
  • Home remodel coordinator
  • Remote Advisor (Zoom Tech, Team Viewer, presence on the camera)
  • Emergency preparation (plan, supplies, protocols, safety and evacuation and communication plans)

Move Coordination

  • Move Coordination. We walk you thru the entire move from beginning to new home. We will secure movers, packers and help you declutter and organize before the packing begins. We also provide unpacking and organizing services in your new home. We can do all parts of a move or certain aspects. Contact us to learn more.


Home Management & Short and Long Term Rentals

  • Manage daily estate tasks and maintenance planning
  • Property & Home Manager: Maintenance & Management
  • Creation of Guest Manuals and Instructions
  • Coordinating reservation systems
  • Short Term Rental Management: Direct, Airbnb, VRBO, etc.
  • Vendor and Staff Management: Hiring, Training, Repositioning
  • Operation Manuals for Primary Residence, Vacation & Rental Properties and Office


#3 Professional Organizer

Professional Organizer

Annual and ongoing organizing, preparation for down sizing, a move and/or life transition

  • Generating systems and policies
  • Developing Operation Manuals for Primary Residence, Vacation & Rental Properties and Office
  • Consulting, organizing, brainstorming
  • Design systems and places for everything in its place
  • Find & purchase containers & systems needed
  • Design and write home operating manual to index and inventory items
  • Organize items for insurance documentation
  • Office/paperwork/filing organization
  • Set up password security app on your devices and remote access software for projects
  • Primary residence (In State and Out of state)
  • Vacation residences (In State and Out of state)
  • Organize, declutter, empty ( Storage Units, Attic/Basements/Garage)
  • Maintain, organize Boats, RVs,
  • Decluttering:
    – Just one closet
    – A full room
    – Your entire home or office
    – Your garage/attic/storage unit/basement
    – Your auto, RV, Boat and outdoor toys
  • Delivery of items to consign, sale online, donate, or dump
  • Emergency preparation (plan, supplies, protocols, safety and evacuation and communication plans)

I have a team of experts (professional moving company, cleaners, electricians, plumbers, contractors, handymen, realtors, delivery & service providers, packers, and many others) that work with me to provide the highest quality service in the most efficient, caring and rapid manner. My pace matches yours and we accomplish projects via Zoom and phone, on-site at your home and office and remotely as we determine together on a weekly, monthly or ongoing basis.

Cynthia provided expert assistance as a project manager and my assistant on a complex project which involved preparing a home following a move-out. She coordinated multiple bids and teams including movers, realtors, gardener, painters, contractors, and stagers to prepare a high-value property in San Francisco for the market in a mere four weeks.  During this time, I was able to take care of my daughter knowing that this important life changing project was in very capable hands. I feel the project was a great success and would recommend her very highly. 

Phillip R, Sonoma County