Your Needs Are As Diverse & As Multifaceted As You Are

We help you navigate important areas of your life by exploring what you need, providing a plan and facilitating you through the process of change. We streamline your alignment with your purpose enabling you to gain clarity and reach your goals.

Financial Coaching

Move into financial wealth by getting organized and assessing what is possible. Align your behaviors with your values and financial choices. Eliminate debt, build wealth and create a clear plan that facilitates your legacy. Experience relief, hope and peace. Be a role model for your community and family. 

Personal Assistant Concierge, Project Management & Professional Organizer

Organization is an art and science. Together we will declutter, make space, organize your physical environments and find systems that allow you to care for all the pieces that matter most while identifying things you can let go of.

Senior Care Coordination & Move Coordinator

Planning for and strategizing as your parents, grandparents and friends age can be daunting. Get the support and program you need to have conversations, create a care plan and generate practical action steps for safety and peace of mind.

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About Cynthia H. Stringer, Master Coach, CSD, M.Div

Cynthia has worked with 1000’s of individuals over the past 30 years, helping them get unstuck and organized. She knows what it’s like to be overwhelmed and not be able to do what you really want.

Working together, Cynthia guides you to create a vision and clear picture of where you want to be so that you can change your life’s trajectory and cultivate better connection and more enjoyment doing what you really want.

Cynthia works with her clients in three different capacities:

  • Financial & Life Coaching: Our extensive coaching programs facilitate the aligning of your values with life and money choices. Wherever you are we move you into greater understanding and choice with your money and life habits. When aligned in how you make, spend, save and invest money you succeed.
  • Personal Assistant Concierge, Project Management & Professional Organizer: At times you need help strategizing and getting into action with specific projects, tasks and professional and personal goals. We are here to assist you in an ongoing manner as your go to company with complete planning, resources and a team to move you forward facilitating increased results and outcomes.
  • Senior Care Coordination & Move Coordinator which includes Senior care planning:  When your parent(s) need help at the later stages of their lives,
    navigating the process can be emotional and overwhelming, making it difficult to know what is the best choice for you and your loved ones, let alone what else needs to be done. We help you navigate that process from start to finish.

So many people feel ashamed or embarrassed that they don’t know how to navigate all the areas of their lives. The truth is that we aren’t meant to do this alone and you aren’t meant to have all of the answers. Cynthia and her team will get you back on track with clear steps that will have you in action and working towards your goals immediately. Her style is direct, kind, and efficient.

Cynthia helped us get some priorities together around budgeting and figuring out a way to allocate our various streams of income into a helpful flow and a system which helped to create peace of mind moving into our next life chapter with a baby. Thank you!

Martin & Laura Blank, MA

Thank you for helping us as we plan for our retirement. You were able to set  a clear  plan and referred us to a financial advisor. We will also use what you recommended for a financial team. We really didn’t realize how important they are.

Thanks again for your help.

Kathy & David, CA

Cynthia’s attention to detail and follow-up is second to none.  She is a very solid person. She is incredibly well organized and driven to take on any task and see it through completion providing complete peace of mind.  We worked with Cynthia to help with home management, organization and assisting with family needs and would highly recommend her to anyone needing help to keep their home humming.   

Eric R. Kentfield, CA

Get Unstuck. Get Organized. Get Success.

There are so many options and paths to choose from to reach your goals. We are here to help you save time and money by creating a plan that is unique to your need and goals.


You’re just one call a way from the clarity and plan you need. Here are your next steps:

Have A Consultation

On this 20-30 minute call we will go over your unique story and goals.

Choose Your Plan

After I get to know your unique needs, you will be offered a few plans to choose from to help you create success.

Take First Step

Right away you will begin taking the first steps towards achieving your goals.

What Our Clients Are Saying:

Cynthia was fantastic! A blessing. She helped me to release a lot of old pain stored in my body with EFT. She brought compassion, patience, and understanding to our sessions, and her confidence in the EFT technique fostered trust in this process as she guided me to just the right places to connect to and release the trauma, always bringing me back to a stable and happy place. I’ve recommended EFT and Cynthia many times since. It was priceless experience. I highly recommend it.

Sherry B, Bay Area, CA

I needed direction and guidance with how to handle my finances and I wanted specific advice with how to manage the big unemployment benefit I received. Cynthia showed me how to work a budget and plan for future expenses, which I had never done before.  Also adding values to your expenses helps to show if what you are spending your money on is bringing fulfillment to your life. I was able to develop a consistent budgeting habit and a plan for paying off my debt.  Cynthia is also a life coach and career mentor which is very helpful because all of those things get intertwined with finances.  I recommend!

Erin L, Southern CA

Cynthia started helping me when I was an extremely overwhelmed single mother with a stressful job. I literally just couldn’t get everything done and was overwhelmed. Cynthia helped me with everything from more strategic to tactical, helping with work programs, coaching, taking care of cats, organizing, household projects, financial stuff, etc. The best part was she knew how to make the right decisions without me micro-managing her. I could trust her, she’s super flexible (very good with my ADD personality!) I highly recommend her!

AnneLise S., Bay Area, CA



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