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Photos by Haeli

Photos by Haeli

Founded in 1990, Success By Design’s mission is to provide the most comprehensive, integrative and practical services including coaching and consulting methods along with tools to enhance people’s lives.

We provide the “Move In To Money Mastery” program and “The Inspired Life Series”, home and property consulting services, vocation career coaching, and financial coaching and senior care management services.

Our number one priority is to facilitate inspiration and alignment between who you are and what you do. We also provide classes, business and personal consulting to support you in generating additional income and inspiring wealth. This all contributes to your greater purpose and legacy. By having this clarity about who you are and your unique gifts you will accelerate your ability to design your ideal life and personalize your contribution. We also customize our programs so you can create systems that help you live your life even easier.

Our methods are thorough, engaging, and informative. By choosing to work with Success By Design, you have access to coaching and training which benefits you for years to come.

Cynthia H. Stringer, Master Coach, CSD, M.Div has over 30 years experience helping people accomplish goals and live their ideal life. She is the CEO of Success By Design and the Founder of “Move In To Money Mastery” and “The Inspired Life Series.” She is a certified Master Coach, Vocational Counselor, an EFT Tapping Expert, Spiritual Director and Interfaith Minister. Her passion is encouraging alignment between values, financial success, career fulfillment and integrated aligned life on your terms.

Cynthia received her B.A. in Collaborative EcoPsychology from Sonoma State University and is an advanced certified Personal and Professional Life Coach through the International Coach Federation. She is a Master Coach & member of the second graduating class from Coach U, and former on-line Instructor and Mentor Coach for Coach University.  She is in a collaborative team of coaches working in a multi disciplinary approach at San Francisco Stress and Anxiety Center.  She received her Associate’s Degree in Human Resources and Business Management and graduated from The Journey Center’s 2-year Spiritual Direction & Retreat program. She is trained by Dave Ramsey and is a Preferred Money Coach with his organization and is trained with WizFi and is an active member of Coaches Connection. Additionally, she holds a Masters in Divinity from Peace Theology Seminary and currently enrolled in a Doctoral Program exploring the role of self-care, discipline, daily tracking and intentional living.

I want you to be your boldest, most efficient, organized, and happiest self. When people work with me they experience relief, momentum, joy, and increased confidence.