Financial Coaching:

Program: Move into Money Mastery

A welcome message from Cynthia

Finances are a huge part of your life; with patterns that may have started as a child and have come with you into adulthood. My program serves singles, couples, recently divorced and individuals facing financial decisions. Both women and men find that by working with me they are empowered and have hope with their money. My coaching includes financial literacy, building a practical plan and changing daily behaviors. I integrate lifestyle, career, life and financial coaching into the work we do together, enabling you to see your goals happening quickly.

When you handle money, you open-up space in your mind and life to focus on your values and your long-term goals. Our work contributes to your building trust with yourself and integrating important concepts like reserve and personal responsibility. You will stop the anxiety, fear and worry as you will have guidance and a personalized plan and be in action with that plan.

I work with you to create a practical and inspired financial plan to manage every dollar, review and develop a workable budget, pay off and eliminate debt, start saving for wealth building and get empowered about your financial situation. Our coaching will facilitate you to do what is necessary to quickly accomplish your financial goals, become financially independent 15 years sooner and build new habits with money. We also will discuss the addition and integration of financial experts to your team (financial advisor, tax expert, CPA, Bookkeeper, insurance broker, real estate, lawyers, and estate planning). We also work to supporting you in developing a financial binder and legacy folder.

You have potential to move forward more rapidly with the help of a coach. I integrate wisdom from various modalities including the Integrity Chart, your life experiences, practical financial action steps, mindset shifts and the ability to think outside the box. We integrate the Wheel of Life and identify together the path to to begin for your success. From there we bring forward topics related to goals in the area of your life, career, business, volunteer service, leaving your legacy and the dedication to yourself. You can expect practical ideas at each of our appointments with access to me via email and text between appointments for support and accountability.

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I needed direction and guidance with how to handle my finances and I wanted specific advice with how to manage the big unemployment benefit I received. Cynthia showed me how to work a budget and plan for future expenses, which I had never done before. Also adding values to your expenses helps to show if what you are spending your money on is bringing fulfillment to your life. I was able to develop a consistent budgeting habit and a plan for paying off my debt. Cynthia is also a life coach and career mentor which is very helpful because all of those things get intertwined with finances. I recommend!
Erin Leonard