Cynthia helped us get some priorities together around budgeting and figuring out a way to allocate our various streams of income into a helpful flow and a system which helped to create peace of mind moving into our next life chapter with a baby. Thank you!

Martin & Laura Blank, MA

I needed direction and guidance with how to handle my finances and I wanted specific advice with how to manage the big unemployment benefit I received. Cynthia showed me how to work a budget and plan for future expenses, which I had never done before.  Also adding values to your expenses helps to show if what you are spending your money on is bringing fulfillment to your life. I was able to develop a consistent budgeting habit and a plan for paying off my debt.  Cynthia is also a life coach and career mentor which is very helpful because all of those things get intertwined with finances.  I recommend!

Erin Leonard

I was impressed by how on target she was with patterns and issues that are up for me and gained a whole new awareness of their triggers.  I came away from the session with more clarity, a new affirmation & a sense that I had just experienced an energetic shift helping me move through a block that had been there for a long time.”

Jennifer Aly, Founder & Coach, Happily Ever After, Santa Cruz, CA

Thank you for helping us as we plan for our retirement. You were able to set  a clear  plan and referred us to a financial advisor. We will also use what you recommended for a financial team. We really didn’t realize how important they are.

Thanks again for your help.

Kathy & David, CA

Many, many thanks for your diligence, hard word and organization, greatly appreciated – you did a fantastic job in all aspects of my moves!

Michael W. Washington State

We hired Cynthia Stringer to assist with our parents needs & care plan along with a big household move for them. She was  professional, efficient, caring, & very knowledgeable about the needs and processes to get it all done. We were very happy with her caring, supportive and patient way she dealt with them and with us. 

We’ll hire her again when the need arises. 

Susana Spring

Cynthia, I really enjoyed your class. It helped me get more engaged in my life. I, like a lot of people right now, have sort of checked out and put my life on hold and your class helped me “kick-start” things.

DC, Bay Area, CA

We love working with you and are already very grateful for the gifts we are already seeing.  I had to identify the source for $3120.00 by the end of the month today, and was able to make it happen with your encouragement and focus. We are so grateful.

C&G T, Novato, CA

Cynthia has been a Godsend to my mother, helping her with everything from computer questions to scheduling to errands and home organization. I really don’t know what we would have done without her over these past two years!

The Zimmerman Family

It’s the only time all week when I focus on the big picture; I’d be apt to get off track and not spend the appropriate amount of time toward each goal. The result of the coaching sessions has increased profits by between 35% and 40% annually, up from 25% in my pre-coaching days.

Michael Kesner, Greater Chicago Group

The greatest feeling we experienced after we hired Cynthia was one of great relief and hope for our future, which we hadn’t felt in quite awhile. We were frustrated, angry, confused and impatient.  Cynthia was the perfect antidote for a very difficult emotional situation and helped us to center and calm us in a way that taught us to face our fears, in constant, slow, regular recovery, staying in the present working through the pain. She taught us to stay constant with the use of the debt snowball payment and Clean Sweep methods which we learned to do and continue to do.  We learned how our excess could eventually lead to our success.  We see and feel the light at the end of a rather dark tunnel.  Her manner is one full nurture, attention to objective facts, hope, patience, grace, diligence, regularity, kindness, love and encouragement.  We wholeheartedly and enthusiastically recommend her.

John R. & Sheryl R., Southern CA

Cynthia was very helpful in getting me understand my credit issues and what my options were. She explained what I needed to do step by step so that I can get my credit and financial issues resolved. I am so grateful for all her wise council. You really helped me. 

Thank you so much for all your help!!!!

Cynthia W., Bay Area CA

Cynthia provided expert assistance as a project manager and my assistant on a complex project which involved preparing a home following a move-out. She coordinated multiple bids and teams including movers, realtors, gardener, painters, contractors, and stagers to prepare a high-value property in San Francisco for the market in a mere four weeks.  During this time, I was able to take care of my daughter knowing that this important life changing project was in very capable hands. I feel the project was a great success and would recommend her very highly. 

Phillip R, Sonoma County

“Cynthia was fantastic! A blessing. She helped me to release a lot of old pain stored in my body with EFT. She brought compassion, patience, and understanding to our sessions, and her confidence in the EFT technique fostered trust in this process as she guided me to just the right places to connect to and release the trauma, always bringing me back to a stable and happy place. I’ve recommended EFT and Cynthia many times since. It was priceless experience. I highly recommend it.”

Sherry B, Bay Area, CA

Cynthia has been working with my folks since July 2019. With her help I feel my elderly parents have been able to stay in their home and live independently. She has been a knowledgeable resource in the many different factors of their care. It’s such a comfort to have her support and  know how in this transitioning time for our family I got to participate in many meetings – living  three hours away from my folks; by zoom or phone calls with everyone!! This is a must to keep the communication clear. I love the team we developed and easy problem solving that took place. Sometimes many emotions would come up for myself and I was so supported by Cynthia. With her talents; my heart was set at ease. The safety of my folks are number one; the resources she put in place and the care binder was invaluable and complete with plans and numbers at hand.  I am truly thankful to have worked with her. Thank you Cynthia!!


Teresa Rodrigues

Cynthia started helping me when I was an extremely overwhelmed single mother with a stressful job. I literally just couldn’t get everything done and was overwhelmed.  Cynthia helped me with everything from more strategic to tactical, helping with work programs, coaching, taking care of cats, organizing, household projects, financial stuff, etc.  The best part was she knew how to make the right decisions without me micro-managing her. I could trust her, she’s super flexible (very good with my ADD personality!) I highly recommend her! 

AnneLise S., Bay Area, CA

Cynthia’s attention to detail and follow-up is second to none.  She is a very solid person. She is incredibly well organized and driven to take on any task and see it through completion providing complete peace of mind.  We worked with Cynthia to help with home management, organization and assisting with family needs and would highly recommend her to anyone needing help to keep their home humming.   

Eric R. Kentfield, CA

Using the EFT (tapping) has really been helping me see situations in a different light than before. I’m so much calmer and more grounded working with Cynthia, and when I tap, I also feel an immense amount of joy fill me that I have never experienced before!

Alissa Dann CMT, Bay Area CA

Participating in healing work is a welcome joy for me. Her ease, patience, unconditional attention and care, along with her attention to detail, create a safe and spacious appointment for healing and inner divine alignment to occur naturally and ease. Our work together has contributed immensely to all I have been manifesting during the time we have worked together.

Linda Grace, Priestess, Teacher & Healer, Santa Cruz, CA

Having my passport renewed well before the deadline is a whole new world for this kid. Thanks for helping me change my game!  I really appreciate your excellent help. 


Thank you for carrying all the tech pieces – the smoothness of the logistics really added to the smoothness of the educational flow!

Jon, Hakomi Teaching

Thank you for giving us the peace of mind. You are a meticulous professional detailed and smart. I appreciate working with you.


I find you, Cynthia, very sincere, a very deep listener, and excellent at setting one at ease, with quite sensitive issues. Your support, encouragement, information all very useful and timely. You were able to point out well blind spots. You are committed to the process and there to serve fully ones concerns and needs, as expressed. We appreciate the referral you made for us to your suggested financial advisor who is a giant winner. He has been very helpful at every step. My entire family is investing with him. I had so much fear about investing until I spoke to you and found an advisor I trust with your help. 

Bill M., Mendocino, CA

I was feeling uninspired and overwhelmed with having to take care of donations, organization of mailing addresses and errands. Cynthia’s assistance was gently seamless and handled the tasks in a fast and efficient way. After speaking to Cynthia I began to trust her with my personal tasks and she proved to me that she was more than capable of taking care of things. It felt great to allow someone to help me and it feels so nice that these things are now complete! 

During the work with Cynthia my ah-ha moment was realizing that someone could actually help me accomplish personal tasks faster and more efficiently than I could accomplish them alone. Having a third party was intimidating at first but her kindness and non-judgmental way coupled with a wealth of know how was supportive. A second layer was that “the talking about” organization and how to tackle personal life tasks was very therapeutic and helped get them done.

Robin R, Bay Area, CA

Thank you for your gentle coaching and encouragement during our sessions. Looking forward to more!