Senior Care Coordination:

Plan and Provide for Aging Parents:
Senior Care Coordination & Move Coordinator

My work teaches families to have meaningful conversations, gather information, and generate a care plan that is practical and easy to implement and manage.

I work with adults who are ready to have discussions with their aging parents or themselves to create a plan as they age and need additional support and services in coordinating their care, creating safe living spaces, aging options, long term estate plans, and clarifying the medical and emotional needs during aging. I provide consulting and an online step by step program that walks you thru a process to get organized, educated and into action about the process of aging. You will experience peace of mind, structure, and practical planning guidelines. This will provide a foundation allowing you to focus on your loved ones and being present for them.


  • Senior Care Coordination (Plan and Manage care, interview and secure caregiver agency, training caregivers, liaison with family members, health and home care systems, care binder creation, relief overnight care)
  • Project Coordination (Research, aging needs, household management, resource management, budgeting, vetting and hiring service providers and vendors)
  • Consultations for home safety pre/post surgery, move management, lifestyle retirement planning, community engagement, volunteer contribution
  • Post Acute surgery assistance and organization
  • Move Coordinator (decluttering, donating, packing, collaborating with movers)
  • Spiritual Direction (including aging coaching, developing positive mind-set, resilience training, and practical integrated life enjoyment)
Cynthia has been working with my folks since July 2019. With her help I feel my elderly parents have been able to stay in their home and live independently. She has been a knowledgeable resource in the many different factors of their care. It’s such a comfort to have her support and know how in this transitioning time for our family I got to participate in many meetings – living three hours away from my folks; by zoom or phone calls with everyone!! This is a must to keep the communication clear. I love the team we developed and easy problem solving that took place. Sometimes many emotions would come up for myself and I was so supported by Cynthia. With her talents; my heart was set at ease. The safety of my folks are number one; the resources she put in place and the care binder was invaluable and complete with plans and numbers at hand. I am truly thankful to have worked with her. Thank you Cynthia!!
Teresa Rodrigues