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  1. Background - When hiring a coach, always verify what type of background your prospective coach has, what type of specialized Coaching (s)he offers.

  2. Attraction & Style - The profession of Coaching is about attraction and finding a role model whose style you want to emulate.  Select carefully who you want to work with and go with your intuition as well as your research.

  3. Introduction & Goal Setting - Ask if you will get a free coaching session by phone. This will allow you an opportunity to share about yourself and learn about the coach and their style. What works best in choosing a particular goal or area that you would like to focus on and using our time together to facilitate movement there. We will cover all of your goals but many times it is best to start with one.

  4. References - Ask to talk with one or two clients.  Get references and know what the coach has done for others like you.

  5. Professionalism - Is your prospective coach a professional? Does (s)he treat you with respect, courtesy and professionalism?  Is documentation on coaching and a welcome packet provided to you? How pleasant does the office phone voicemail sound?  These things go without saying; however, you must feel confident in the person you hire as your coach.

  6. Continuing Education - Does the person you want to hire as your coach have their own coach?  This will assure a certain level of professionalism and seriousness on the part of the coach. Coaching is a profession not just a hobby.  All serious professionals partake in continuing education and are committed to increasing their skill level.  Coaching is no extation.

  7. Networking & Resources - Is the coach connected to a well established and successful professional network?  This allows you the opportunity of knowing that you will have information and resources well beyond just your coach.  No one person can know everything and the value of having a professional community is the quality and quantity of information that is available. I have developed a very extensive network which I make available to all clients who I am working with, especially people who I mentor to be coaches. I also am very generous with providing tools, resources, marketing, etc which assists you in starting your own practice. Not all coaches do.

  8. Ongoing Support - Does the coach have a policy about being available throughout the week by phone or email?  You want to be sure that you can call your coach if you're having a tough time or need a brief pick-me-up.  This is complimentary for most professional coaches.  I offer brief 10-15 minute calls throughout the week for my clients as well as email contact.

  9. Local Connections - How visible and established is the coach in their local professional community?  Does the coach offer workshops, seminars, classes, etc.?  This is nice to know in order to network and be known through their community as well.  As a coach I offer special opportunities and workshops for my clients. I am the local chapter host for the International Coaching Federation and am very well connected with other coaches, in addition to being a mentor for those who would like to be coaches.

  10. Pricing - How is the fee structured? Can you afford it, is it a stretch, does the coach offer monthly invoicing?  I offer various different ways people can experience coaching from me.  They can hire me on monthly basis, participate in a Success Action Team that I facilitate or work with me on an hourly coaching/consultation basis.

What makes my coaching unique is that I work from a model of identifying and living with integrity using the Integrity Value Chart as a tool to pin point where you are and where you want to be with each of your goals, your life, and your career. I feel that in addition to working with you in identifying your vision, mission, and purpose that knowing your current and developing level of integrity assists you in more quickly integrating and accomplishing your goals.

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