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Success By Design Services

Teleseminars are a great way to be inspired, coached and learn from the comfort of your own home or office. Classes take place once a week by phone and are facilitated by a Master Coach Cynthia H. Stringer who is trained as a coach, facilitator, and teacher. You will gain insights, learn information, laugh, hear from others, and be coached. We are offering an on going four month series you can take month to month if desired.

Topics Include:

Make 2016 Your Best Year Yet

Transition Success Coach Program
Make Money in 90 Days
Network Your Way to Wealth
Maintaining Momentum for a Changing World
Re-Position Yourself...Designing the Next Decade of Your Life
Thriving in Uncertain Times
The Discerning No
Leveraging Your Skills
Sacred Service: Leaving A Legacy Now
Design Your Ideal Life
Activate Your Leadership Blueprint
7 Principles of Collaborative Networking
Reinventing Yourself: Design Your Future

Coaching is a process that supports you to get what you want and become more successful and effective in your life and your business.

Make 2016 Your Best Year Yet
Are you Set for Success? Is Your Plan Fool Proof for 2016?

No more New Year resolutions! Create a clean slate and a clearly defined plan that produces results. Attendees will learn:

  • 3 Key Principles for thriving during transition

  • Master personal accountability and momentum

  • Understand the #1 Secret to being a success

  • Develop your personal Success Action Plan


Transition Success Coach Program

Inspiring You! Transition Success Coach Program

"Easy & Exciting Transition to YOUR Next Level"
Your Journey with International Speaker, Coach & Facilitator
Cynthia H. Stringer Begins...NOW!

Right now, in 2016, we must tap into our life's deeper purpose and message, and navigate thru transition with greater clarity and ease. In this monthly coaching group you will learn how to reduce worry, work through change and uncertainty with grace, make money at what you love to do, and generate specific strategies to keep you on track. To remain balanced and effective you must rely on your calm inner guidance. I will facilitate this process for you. This is why I invite you, and encourage you to bring everyone you love, to join us now.

Through her coaching, speaking, and consulting, Cynthia H. Stringer has helped thousands and thousands of people step up to the next level of success in all areas of their lives.

It’s a powerful, structured program designed to guide you toward becoming your best self and accomplishing your most important goals.


  • Create a clear vision for you and your life

  • Remove obstacles & resistance in your life 

  • Create a career plan to make money & be appreciated

  • Develop a specific success strategy with a structured monthly curriculum for learning and inspiration

  • Develop a weekly action plan

  • Maintain weekly accountability structure with yourself, a Master Coach and a class buddy

  • Explore your personal motivation thru values

  • Learn specific networking tips and techniques

Your Transition Coach Program includes:

  • Monthly phone training call for 60 minutes

  • Group Coaching, 2 times per month @ 30-40 minute each

  • Monthly Success Handouts for you to put into a workbook that includes exercises, questions and inspiration.

Bonus gifts:

  • In person classes

  • Tapping (EFT) Release limited belief sessions

  • 1:1 coaching

  • Articles, assessments, MP3audio visualizations

  • Quarterly Networking events


Make Money in 90 Days
Learn the SECRETS of FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT people. In this interactive step by step, telecourse you’ll be able to put all the pieces together. These techniques and strategies have brought THOUSANDS of dollars to individuals just like you. Learn PRACTICAL ACTION STEPS to secure employment, start a business or move your business to the next level. You’ll explore your personal foundation to accelerate your results.

You Will...

  • Generate a Solid Personal Foundation

  • Develop a Customized Success Plan

  • Learn The 5 Secrets to Money

  • Explore Your #1 Obstacle to Results

  • Design Your Personal Attraction Blueprint

In this group coaching teleseminar you'll be inspired, engaged and in action to move your goals forward. Each course contains subject matter to inform and educate, coaching, and a weekly exercise and accountability challenge.

Free Teleseminar. Email: to register and receive instructions


Network Your Way to Wealth
Learn the 7 principles of effective and profitable relationship building. Learn to develop strategic connections, Power Partnerships, and Affiliations. Increase your ability to bring business, resources and opportunities to you. Handouts are included with an in-depth explanation, daily exercises and resources and suggestions for tracking your momentum. A 16-page comprehensive resource guide highlighting Bay Area resources is also offered. The concept of life long networking and relationship design will be explored.

“Networking is a lifestyle not simply an activity.”

Thriving in Uncertain Times
Learn the secrets of living an abundant fulfilling life full of possibility, enjoyment, financial success and well-earned recognition. Begin to explore your personal life cycles and track how and when you are in total and complete alignment. Balance all areas of your life for deeper success and enjoyment. Together we will explore the principles of attraction, success, expansiveness, building rapport, and generating your future.

Course Begins:

  • 2016

Email: to register and receive instructions.


Seminars and Training  
Success By Design offers a range of seminar and training options on the following topics:
  • Aligning Who You Are With What You Do
  • Being a Manager
  • Life By Design
  • Values & Lifestyle Assessment
  • Managing Your Career for Maximum Results
  • Business Success
  • Building Alliances for Increased Profit
  • The Power of Attraction
  • Organizing for Success
  • Network Your Way to Wealth
  • Design Your Ideal Career
  • BRAND YOU! This three-week class explores the concepts of Brand You in depth. We'll work together to design your own individualized Brand You Strategy. We will draw from and use the concepts contained in this article (click to see). Additional handouts, resources and support offered during the class. Included is a 30 minute coaching appointment with Cynthia Stringer. Investment is $495.00. Class size limited: 10 people. Beginning soon. Please email for next start date.
  • Onsite Presentations. Available via teleconference or in person. Contact us to learn how you can sponsor Cynthia Stringer or another speaker from her staff to come and present to your group.

  • Attraction: Expressing Grace With Personal Style. Presented in an informative and inspiring way you will learn how to attract more of what you truly desire. Cynthia is an expert in teaching and coaching people to speak their truth and grasp their heart's desire. Her work will assist you in uncovering the magic of your authentic self. Various tools will be presented such as the Wheel of Life and the Integrity Value Chart; others will be shared as well. Come prepared to stretch, grow and explore. As a group we will experiment with ways to be more attractive by expressing your inner grace and style. The Stages of Attraction will be discussed as well.
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