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Private Coaching

Working with you individually you receive personal and customized coaching which will accelerate your ability to move your life and career forward.  Focus on short and long-term goals with intense weekly phone calls assisting with resolving challenges, strategizing, and learn cutting-edge skills and techniques for success.

Extensive assessments, individualized evaluations and workbook included.  Additionally, accelerated and time-enhanced coaching can be provided.

The Process of Coaching

Coaching is a profound and powerful process that supports you to align each area of your life in service to your greater purpose and goals. My coaching model is unique in that I incorporate the art and science of life cycles, biographies, sacred service and creativity as well as the recognition and release of limiting beliefs held in your physical, mental or emotional arenas. I also integrate learning modules as I call them, which focus in on specific skill areas you want to enhance in serve to your main goals and objectives. This accelerates the rate of making the impossible happen. Operating in partnership with you as your Coach, I provide an objective sounding board providing perspective, advise, insights, suggestions, and action steps. All of this is in combination with being held accountable to your greater vision for yourself and your life. You are challenged to align your daily objectives and actions with your higher purpose. This produces consistent results. And from this, develops your personal legacy. Thus becoming more successful and effective in your life, business, career, and in your ability to create impact and serve globally.

When working together, the concrete results I have seen with clients is when they commit and say YES to themselves and engage with me as their coach for at least a minimum 6 months. Most clients work with me for one to two years at a time. The reason for this is that the subconscious mind can then relax and know that it will be supported, listened to and encourage. You get immediate and long-term results consistently this way!

There are four major ways you receive value from being coached by me:

  1. The moment you choose to invest in yourself and hire me as your coach. You have an additional pair of eyes and expertise to view and make suggestions.

  2. Each scheduled call: this is your time, you are able to receive one to one coaching, see things from other perspectives, be invited to consider your best possible action, challenged to take bigger leaps than you thought possible, and be seen taking action where never before.

  3. Between calls you are given challenges, assignments and actions to take which propel your goals forward. They are practical, direct and immediately applicable.

  4. From the time you begin and over the course of our working together, during each month, you see subtle as well as profound changes.

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