Cynthia Stringer interviewed and quoted
in Press Democrat Career Coaching article 2016

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•NEW• Women's Networking Series Presents:
7 Principles for Collaborative Networking

Learn the 7 principles of effective and profitable relationship building. Learn to develop strategic connections, Power Partnerships, and Affiliations. Increase your ability to bring business, resources and opportunities to you. Handouts are included with an in-depth explanation, daily exercises and resources and suggestions for tracking your momentum. A 16-page comprehensive resource guide highlighting Bay Area resources is also offered. The concept of life long networking and relationship design will be explored.

Networking is a lifestyle not simply an activity.

Cynthia H. Stringer, Executive Leadership Coach has 20 years experience developing strategies, which bring success, ease and results to her clients. Trained in various modalities she synthesizes these into a comprehensive and powerful model for your success. In her genuine, generous and graceful style Cynthia will inspire you to think and act differently.

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